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Who is St. Hubert and what is axe throwing?

St. Hubert is the patron saint of hunters and loggers.  (read his full story below).

As for Axe Throwing, it is sport that has come down from the wild regions of Canada and involves throwing a hatchet 15-feet, and sinking the blade into a set of fresh pine target boards. It is thrilling, and you will be taught all you need to know by our expert coaches. After you learn the basics, its time for a rip-roaring competition against those in your group!


How much does axe throwing cost? 

The cost is $24.50 per person (+tax)

Do I have to pay entire amount up front?

You only pay a small deposit upfront.

ARRIVAL/Training:  You will have a training/info session at the beginning of your session.  Multiple groups listen to this briefing, so do not be late...everyone will be waiting on you!

Booking sizes:


Large groups (6-10 people) will have a private lane w/ 2 targets, an axe coach, and 75 minutes of fun.  If you have 12 or more people, book two group slots and give us a call.  If you have 20+ people call us for venue rental option.

Medium sized groups (4-5 people) have a private lane w/ 2 targets,  an axe coach, and 1 hour of axe throwing fun. You have the option of buying more time, if available.

Small group throwing (2-3 people) are provided 1 target and 1 hour of throwing w/ coaching.  You will have your own target, but if booking on busy a Fri. or Sat. evening, you may share your bay with another pair and make new friends!

Deposits (partial payments) are made by credit card via online booking,and the rest of your party can pay individually at the Hatchet House (w/credit card). 


BYOB? What is the food and beverage situation?

We offer sodas,red bull and bottled water for purchase. Feel free to bring in outside food for your party (catering, pizzas, Eegees etc), as well as coolers.  (You will need to bring your own plates, utensils etc.)

We are a BYOB facility, only after 4pm (per state law) please feel free to bring (**max 2 per adult**) beer, hard seltzers, ciders etc. (**No wine or hard spirits allowed, nor is any drink above 9% alcohol).  There is a two drink limit per guest (i.e., two 12oz cans of beer).  Any additional alcohol brought in will be held by staff until end of your session.

Any guest who arrives intoxicated (or smells of alcohol OR marijuana) will not be allowed to throw and no refund will be provided. Any guest that becomes intoxicated while on premises will be removed from axe throwing activities. 


Are walk-in appointments available? 

Lanes MUST be booked online, OR on Friday/Saturday we do accept walk-ins if we have availability (call ahead). Only credit cards accepted, no cash, and online or phone deposit is necessary to reserve lane.


What should I wear?

*Closed toed shoes are an absolute must! (No sandals, or high heels even if closed-toe)

*Shirts need to allow for full range of motion. 


What ages can throw at St. Hubert's?

10 and up.

There must be 1 adult per 3 kids aged 10 - 17. All underage throwers must have their liability waiver signed by their parents or legal guardian before their session. Online waivers can be signed upon request.



Due to the nature of this live event and high demand, no refunds of deposits are provided.  Also, no shows/no call will result in the full amount of the event being charged to your credit card.


St. Hubert's Story

Hubertus is the European patron saint of outdoorsmen (loggers), hunters, and metalworkers. He lived around 700 AD, and while hunting on Good Friday, Hubert had a vision of a great stag with a illuminated crucifix standing between its antlers.  After his conversion and appointment to bishop, Saint Hubertus became  know as the Apostle of the Ardennes, a vast, rugged forest land in southeast Belgium, where he converted the pagan populous to Christianity.

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